Welcome to Ridgy-Didge!

Ridgy-Didge is Australian colloquial for 'just right' or rather 'fair dinkum!'

When we bought the property over 7 years ago, it only had a number and no name. It needed a name as the place certainly has a personality. Well, it sits on a ridge with a grand view northwards to the Bunya Mountains, so what could be more 'all right' than sitting on the veranda with that view, whilst you have your breakfast or in the evenings with a glass of Australian wine? Or even watching the amazing stars at night or the tail-end of a storm as the lightning flashs in the vaste banks of clouds. Or maybe seeing a pair of Wedge-tail eagles as they soar in circles in the high thermals of the vasteness of the azure sky?

This house is a 100 year old Queenslander cottage. Quite small and unpretentious, but it has a gentle atmosphere and we have had many friends and family members come to stay and have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the place.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Eagles, Cotton and Sorghum

Driving to Millmerran last week, which is about 50 kms from here, I drove between paddocks of cotton and sorghum. Still not used to that sort of thing growing near me. The farmers are lucky this year with the cotton crop as it uses masses of water. In fact during the drought times it was becoming quite a debate issue. The first time I visited Australia, which is 8 years ago now; John took me up gliding. It was a wonderful experience. He hopes to be able to fly again once his back has really settled after the operation. When I was up flying, I looked down on all the fields of gingery coloured crops (it was April) and was told that it was sorghum and hadn't a clue what it was. Only clever people like ,my brother know it is!
We had a pair of wedge-tail eagles flying very low over the house recently. They make a magnificent sight.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wellies and Road Repairs.

We are recovering from all the rain except there is still a great deal of road damage about the area. We drove to Brisbane and back about 2 weeks ago. It was a dreadful journey as there were so many road repairs being done and it took much longer than usual. It was only 2 weeks after John's operation, and I think it was too exhausting for him as 5 days later he had pneumonia and was in the ICU after an ambulance ride into hospital. Thankfully he is home again and brighter every day, also hugely benefiting from the back fusion op. which he had in early February.Reading this through I see I last wrote the day after we had been to Brisbane - so this is what happened when we were tired.

I have just finished reading 'The Children's Book'by A.S.Byatt. I thought it so fascinating - set in the Arts and Craft era at the end of the 1800s,and about the Fabians and free thinkers. Underneath the fairy tale world lurks a menacing darkness. As an outward sign this is the World War1, but everyone has something that lurks in their lives. A good read!

The picture shows me wearing the wellies I recently purchased. I ordered them during the floods (never needed them before then!) they didn't come in time to christen them then, but we had some more heavy rain, so they had a good spalsh in the puddle on the corner.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Up and Down to Brisbane.

We've been back and forth to Brisbane a couple,of times since I last wrote a post. John has had a "Back Fusion" operation which gifted him 34 staples in is back - these have now been removed, but he has the delight of now owning 4 screws in his spine. So this should hold him together for a few years I hope! He is already feeling less of the old lain, and hopes to never experience it again. Yesterday we had a return trip to the specialist who then sent him on for a physio. appointment. It was an exhausting day with about 5 hours driving in all. So we both feel pretty drained today.Good thing we have no commitments and can relax.
Our garden is full of butterflies again. I love it when they appear and dance over and around the shrubs and flowers. I call it a 'confetti of butterflies!'I wish the photos where better as it doesn't show them very clearly, but have a look - or come and visit! It's a year since we had overseas family come - so about time we saw some of you this side of the world. It's not all dome and gloom, though the elements are certainly showing that they rule the world. Poor Christchurch with it's earthquakes, only 6 months since the last, and this causing so much damage and human pain.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wind and Rain

It is amazing that the cyclone and the fall out has missed us completely. Until I saw a weather map I couldn't understand why Victoria was having massive rainstorms because of the Yasi cyclone but not us! In Alice Springs they are being effected too. It covered a great area, but fanned out after passing north of us. The stupid thing is that we could do with some rain now. The temps. have been over 30 degrees and it's a bit too hot for me to easily bear. I am glad we don't live near Sydney. They had it hitting 45C yesterday. Phew!
Some of our plants and shrubs have died from flooded roots, which is a pity.

I was thinking today how things have changed with going to live in another country. One hundred years ago you would expect to not see your family again unless you were very lucky, once you moved abroad. Even 40 years ago the cost of flying was way out of ordinary people's pockets; and to speak on the phone you had to book a time way ahead. Now we have Blogs, emails, Facebook, Skype and other ways to make contact at any time and place. I wonder if they will ever invent a way of "Beam Yourself Up Now" to travel in person an back; and would one risk it??

Sunday, 23 January 2011


There is a kind of peace around the place now. No rain or thunder for a while and the temperature climbing nearer to 30C: cool for the Aussie summertime. One of the sad things regarding the floods is that many bees have been lost which will of course effect veggie and flower growing.
I am delighted to announce the arrival of the first rose on a rose bush I was given almost 2 years ago! I moved it 6 months ago as it wasn't doing anything where it was. It's a Mr Lincoln rose and has a wonderful flower on it.Also the little frangipani tree I bought for $5 in a Charity shop is showing buds. I love it when these trees flower and it will be really exciting if this one survives in our garden.